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Howdy there! My name is Kai and I am the Coordinator for International Relations in Seika Town, Kyoto Prefecture, Japan. Hopefully by reading this blog you all will get a good picture of what life is like in Seika town, and all the great things that happen down here.

Monday, October 22, 2007

ベランダの田んぼが出来上がった! My Own Private Rice Harvest


As I have posted previously on this blog I started growing my own private rice field on the balcony of my apartment back in June when I received some rice sprouts after taking part in the Agricultural Experience Tour. After looking after them for four months I was finally able to harvest. The volume of rice is pretty low, but I am really looking forward to eating rice that I grew myself. I cut the rice and now it is drying out on my balcony so I will have to wait about a week before I can actually eat it. I am wondering exactly how much actual rice I will get once I finish. Maybe only enough for one rice ball? But because it was rice I grew I expect it to be the best rice ball I have ever eaten in my life!


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